6 benefits for orchestras of hiring performing artists

6 reasons why a Platypus Theatre turnkey production is the right choice for your orchestra and audience.
Benefits of booking live shows
The orchestra is the star of the show - not a back-up band

If audiences are mesmerized by what is happening on a big screen, are they really paying attention to the music? In each of our shows, the story and the music …

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Peter and the Wolf - Like it's never been done before!

Your audiences have never seen Peter and the Wolf like this before!

Captivating dance and choreography. Expressive artisan-crafted masks. A timeless tale about perseverance to outsmart a bully. And most importantly, a breath-taking musical score performed by a world-class orchestra - yours!

Your audiences will dive headfirst into the rapturous music of Prokofiev's most revered work as they jump out …

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Presenting classical music in an intelligent, entertaining and participatory way

Presto Mambo

This is our recipe for developing the next generation of classical music lovers. We give young audiences the opportunity to explore music on a profound level by sparking their imaginations, drawing them in, and making sure that they will always connect classical music with exhilarating experiences. 

Our mission is to tell a good story, and make music the central character …

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We're returning from summer with a rejuvenated website. How refreshing!

27th Season

This summer we were not sitting under an umbrella on a beach with our feet in the sand relaxing to the sound of the waves. Oh wait, yes we were. But we also managed to get a great deal of work done, and are thrilled to draw your attention to our refreshed website. Check out the depth and breadth …

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A historic season of firsts and a sneak peek into the future

2016/17 Season wrap-up

Right from the beginning we knew this season was going to be one for the history books with our debut in Macau and our first show in Cantonese! There have been many other firsts this year, including performances with some great new partners like the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra and the Brantford Symphony Orchestra.

     But of course, this was not …

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Celebrating 25 years of laughter, tears and musical masterpieces with the Gimquat

25 Years of Gimquat

     You know that a show resonates with audiences when it is still in high demand 25 years after its premiere. How the Gimquat Found her Song premiered on October 27, 1991 with the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony under the baton of Mario Duschenes. That's right, the father of our Artistic Director Peter Duschenes.

     Since its debut, the Gimquat has enthralled more than …

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Presto, Mambo! A new favourite with audiences

Presto Mambo - A new favourite

Not only are we celebrating 25 years of How the Gimquat Found her Song, but we can't believe that our newest show Presto, Mambo! just celebrated two years of rave reviews from audiences and orchestras alike! This is our most innovative and interactive show yet, featuring musical selections from across the Americas that get audiences up and out of …

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Kids and Mental Health

Presto Mambo

How music and theatre can help little people deal with big feelings

Mental health issues, including anxiety and depression, are a growing challenge for young people. Going to the theatre can be an important tool in helping them understand and deal with their feelings. At Platypus Theatre we take seriously the responsibility of presenting positive role models for children.

In …

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Check out our new Presto, Mambo! video

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25 years ago today...

Gimquat then and now

It was on October 27, 1991 at 1:30 p.m. at the Centre in the Square in Kitchener, Ontario that Gimquat made her stage debut.  Since then she has travelled to 59 orchestras on 3 continents, performed more than 200 times, won several awards and twice been the star of her own television specials!  And she's still going strong.  Quite the …

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