Presenting classical music in an intelligent, entertaining and participatory way

Presto Mambo

This is our recipe for developing the next generation of classical music lovers. We give young audiences the opportunity to explore music on a profound level by sparking their imaginations, drawing them in, and making sure that they will always connect classical music with exhilarating experiences. 

Our mission is to tell a good story, and make music the central character of that story. Music and storylines are seamlessly woven together with colorful masks, puppets and costumes to take young people into the world of composers, the instruments of the orchestra, elements of music, musical genres and much, much more. 

After 25 years of working with orchestras, Platypus Theatre is the leader in offering high quality, fully produced, turnkey concerts for any classical music family or education series. Our programs are adaptable to meet the specific production requirements of any hall and come fully packaged, requiring almost no effort on the part of the presenter. Above all, ticket buyers, their children AND musicians rave about our shows!

Let's work together and capture the imaginations of your young audiences.