6 benefits for orchestras of hiring performing artists

6 reasons why a Platypus Theatre turnkey production is the right choice for your orchestra and audience.
Benefits of booking live shows
The orchestra is the star of the show - not a back-up band

If audiences are mesmerized by what is happening on a big screen, are they really paying attention to the music? In each of our shows, the story and the music are meticulously inter-woven creating a real connection between the audience, the orchestra and the music. 

Grow a dedicated and loyal audience base

When audiences leave a Platypus Theatre show, they remember both the captivating effect of the production and how the music made them feel. They associate the positive experience with your orchestra and will want to come back for more.

SOLD OUT! More than 80% of our performances run out of tickets!

Word gets around. Our fun and interactive shows and our stellar reputation help sell tickets. We also support your marketing efforts with our beautiful promotional images.

Save money!

When you book a Platypus Theatre show, you're saving hundreds of staff hours, and all of the production costs by not having to create scripts, sets, costumes and more. And you're not paying thousands of dollars in licensing fees!

A show for every season

Platypus Theatre has eight highly-entertaining original shows to choose from to fit any season and any audience.

You're supporting artists - not mega production studios

You can feel good about hiring fellow performing artists and not throwing more money into the Hollywood machine.


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