We're returning from summer with a rejuvenated website. How refreshing!

27th Season

This summer we were not sitting under an umbrella on a beach with our feet in the sand relaxing to the sound of the waves. Oh wait, yes we were. But we also managed to get a great deal of work done, and are thrilled to draw your attention to our refreshed website. Check out the depth and breadth of work we've done since our humble beginnings more than 25 years ago. We've travelled the world, worked with incredible orchestras, and engaged almost 1,000,000 audience members with our dynamic, poignant, informative and funny productions

     We couldn't have done all that website work alone. We're happy to introduce Albert O'Connor, the newest addition to our platypus puddle who is a whiz with HTML and CSS and PHP and all of the other web acronyms that we're happy to leave in his capable hands. Come visit the website to see his handiwork and find out how we can thrill your audiences.