A gift for you and your audiences


We stand alongside our orchestra partners in these challenging times.

In this time of worldwide isolation and uncertainty, we in the arts community are especially trepidatious about the future with all of the unknowns around revenues and audience behaviour. But throughout these unprecedented challenges, using a variety of virtual avenues, orchestras have stepped up to offer the public emotional relief as only the arts can. Your efforts are bringing comfort, support and joy in this time of darkness. Thank you!

To do our part, Platypus Theatre is pleased to offer, free of charge, the award-winning television adaptation of How the Gimquat Found Her Song, produced in partnership with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

How the Gimquat Found Her Song is tailored to suit both family audiences and the primary school division - from kindergarten to grade four. With excerpts from some of history's most important musical works, including Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Mozarts's Marriage of Figaro and even a taste of jazz and rap, Gimquat gives audiences a crash course in the evolution of music while leaving them teary-eyed at this tale of empathy, optimism and perseverance.

Please feel free to share this resource with your audiences.

Stay safe, healthy, and hopeful, and we look forward to moving forward alongside you in the near future.

From Peter and the rest of us at Platypus Theatre.