A gift for you and your audiences


We stand alongside our orchestra partners in these challenging times.

In this time of worldwide isolation and uncertainty, we in the arts community are especially trepidatious about the future with all of the unknowns around revenues and audience behaviour. But …

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Students love BACH to the Future!

Student reactions

We received some great feedback after a tremendous kick-off to our 2019-2020 Season with a total of five (two family and three student) concerts of Bach to the Future (aka aBACHcadabra) with the National Arts Centre Orchestra in Ottawa. Not …

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What an incredible season we'll be embarking on next year!


Next year we will be circling the globe and visiting old and new friends in one of our busiest seasons to date! Here are some of the highlights:
- A three-week tour in Asia including performances with the Singapore Symphony, …

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A totally unique and captivating classical music production for young audiences

Pots, bowls, horns and even sandpaper transform into magical instruments as a pair of wandering pals waltz and play and tumble among discarded treasure. With silly antics, an enchanting black-light dream sequence, and an epic percussion battle, this one-of-a-kind show draws young audiences into the magic of symphonic music.

We're offering a limited run of Rhythm in Your Rubbish for …

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A Spooky Twist on a classic Platypus Theatre Show

Platypus Theatre offer a customized version of Emily Saves the Orchestra called "Music, Masks and Monsters". A wicked witch, magic spells, monsters, masks, puppets, costumes, seasonal music and a battle to save music from the forces of evil, "Music, Masks and Monsters" is the perfect family concert for the Halloween season. This special version is available to be booked for …

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Looking for the perfect holiday family show?

Flicker of Light

Here is what people are saying about A Flicker of Light on a Winter's Night.

"We loved the Christmas concert! We came out floating on a cloud. It was different, amazing and every child should see that concert." Patricia, …

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We're gearing up for next season!

10 orchestras. Three different shows. Performances from coast to coast.

Next season is going to be one of our most dynamic yet! With a wonderful mix of both family and student concerts, we're looking forward to connecting with a great cross-section of North American audiences. Check out our complete tour schedule here.

Our 2018/19 season starts off with a …

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Why Teachers love our student shows.

Why teachers love our student shows


Platypus Theatre offers resource guides for each of our shows with interactive activities and lesson plans teachers can use to prepare their students for the concert. These guides were created for teachers, by teachers …

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6 benefits for orchestras of hiring performing artists

6 reasons why a Platypus Theatre turnkey production is the right choice for your orchestra and audience.
Benefits of booking live shows
The orchestra is the star of the show - not a back-up band

If audiences are mesmerized by what is happening on a big screen, are they really paying attention to the music? In each of our shows, the story and the music …

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Peter and the Wolf - Like it's never been done before!

Your audiences have never seen Peter and the Wolf like this before!

Captivating dance and choreography. Expressive artisan-crafted masks. A timeless tale about perseverance to outsmart a bully. And most importantly, a breath-taking musical score performed by a world-class orchestra - yours!

Your audiences will dive headfirst into the rapturous music of Prokofiev's most revered work as they jump out …

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