Kids and Mental Health

Presto Mambo

How music and theatre can help little people deal with big feelings

Mental health issues, including anxiety and depression, are a growing challenge for young people. Going to the theatre can be an important tool in helping them understand and deal with their feelings. At Platypus Theatre we take seriously the responsibility of presenting positive role models for children.

In Presto, Mambo! Max has to deal with feelings of sadness at being different and the fear of the unknown. Other themes we tackle in our shows include: the search for identity (Gimquat), self-empowerment (Bach to the Future), the search for acceptance (Charlotte and the Music-Maker), overcoming hardship (Rhythm in your Rubbish) and more.

Children who are going through similar struggles not only relate to our characters, but also find strength in knowing that they're not alone in dealing with these feelings. In addition to the positive messages young people receive from Platypus Theatre performances, taking children to any of our shows is an excellent tool for parents and teachers to open up a discussion on feelings and coping with emotional issues, at home and in the classroom.