Peter and the Wolf - Like it's never been done before!

Your audiences have never seen Peter and the Wolf like this before!

Captivating dance and choreography. Expressive artisan-crafted masks. A timeless tale about perseverance to outsmart a bully. And most importantly, a breath-taking musical score performed by a world-class orchestra - yours!

Your audiences will dive headfirst into the rapturous music of Prokofiev's most revered work as they jump out of their seats and into the action unfolding on stage. With the full participation of the audience, we'll outwit the wily wolf and  

Young audience members jump into action to help us outsmart the wolf with the Orchestra symphonique de Montréal put an end to his malicious marauding.

Platypus Theatre's original version of Peter and the Wolf has been called "clever", "fresh" and a "delight to educators and children alike". Bring it to your audiences next season. Contact Peter today to reserve your preferred dates.

Let's work together and capture the imaginations of your young audiences.