What to expect when working with Platypus Theatre

During the 25 years we’ve been working with amazing orchestras and ensembles, we’ve put on shows in venues of all sizes and capabilities. From concert halls big and small, to theatres and libraries and a myriad other settings, we’ve worked with technical set-ups from state of the art “everything-digital” to school gymnasiums with no tech at all. This Platypus is lithe and flexible and can make itself at home anywhere!

And we know our stuff! We come fully outfitted with scores for the conductor, parts for all the musicians, props, costumes, set pieces, puppets, actors and even a stage manager when necessary. This means that when we come to town, programmers can choose either to participate as the show comes together or head back to their offices to work on other things.  We’ve got it under control!

The first step is choosing which show to book. We can help you with that as well. Check out the productions on our website then send us an email, fill out our on-line form or give us a call, and we’ll walk you through the shows in detail to find the one that’s perfect for you. You’ve got a vision for your season, and we want to help you fulfill it.

Once you’ve decided on the show and confirmed the dates, we’re on to the detail phase. Everything you need - and need to know - is readily available on our website from technical requirements to program information, from production photos to artwork and bios.  It’s all there! At the same time, we’re used to dealing with special situations so if you have any questions or requests just call us or drop us an email and we’ll make it work for your organization.

We pride ourselves on being extremely polished and professional, so long before we arrive in your community, we’ll be hard at work rehearsing, preparing the props and costumes, going over checklists and of course grooming: we want every hair and feather in its proper place! We come highly prepared so we can be low maintenance!  This is why programmers, conductors and orchestra members love working with us. And we love you right back.

Now comes the fun part. After we’ve arrived, made the rounds and said all of our how-do-you-dos, we’re ready for the quick tech set up and rehearsal with your orchestra or ensemble. It doesn’t take us long to get our bearings and for the musicians to feel comfortable with the repertoire and the story-line. We want the music to shine and for everyone in the hall, including the musicians, to have a great time. Because we’re well prepared, our rehearsals are invariably smooth and we work within your typical rehearsal schedule, with no extra time required.

And then it’s showtime!  Sit back and watch the delighted faces of the children and adults in the audience as they sing, clap and often simply listen and watch as the exhilarating story and music unfold before them.

So that’s what to expect when you’re expecting a Platypus… Theatre show. We bring a delightful and smooth delivery and hatch a beautiful production for all to admire and enjoy.  We’re confident that the only thing you’ll have difficulty with is saying goodbye.