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Check out what happens before the shows hit the stage.

Celebrating two years of Presto, Mambo!

Not only are we celebrating 25 years of How the Gimquat Found her Song this year, but we can't believe that our newest show Presto, Mambo! just celebrated two years of rave reviews from audiences and orchestras alike! This is our most innovative and interactive show yet, featuring musical selections from across the Americas ...

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Thank you for an Incredible 25th Anniversary Season

Thank you for an Incredible 25th Anniversary Season

To celebrate our momentous 25th anniversary season we've created a scrapbook with some of our favourite moments from the year. And what a momentous year it was! From premiering a brand new show that was commissioned by four of our long-time orchestra partners, to travelling the globe and performing for thousands of young audience ...

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The Making of Max, Mambo and La Bruja

Not only do our three lovable characters in Presto, Mambo! dance, sing and lead audiences on a great adventure, they also look fantastic on stage. And it's no wonder, because it took some amazing artists months of work to get them ready. Check out some of the steps that went into the making of ...

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Presto, Mambo!

Presto, Mambo!

The Creation of a One-of-a-Kind Production for Young Audiences

With our new show, Platypus Theatre takes on a whole new world of exciting classical music: the sounds of Latin America! Our productions have always involved the audience in meaningful ways, but Presto, Mambo! takes audience participation to new heights with concert-goers singing, creating rhythms and ...

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Behind the Scenes... Peter and the Wolf

We're excited to be working with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra to present Platypus Theatre's version of Peter and the Wolf to both school and family audiences in mid-November. This show premiered last season in collaboration with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and we've been busily tweaking it and getting ourselves into shape to ...

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